Berner Altorientalisches Forum (BAF)

Online journal

BAF-Online (BAF-O) is the publication platform of the BAF.

BAF-O (ISSN: 2504-2076) makes available to the public within the shortest possible delays vidcasts of the talks that have been held at the BAF. The vidcasts published at BAF Online have been peer-reviewed by members of the BAF scientific committee and are quotable. 

The aim of BAF-Online is to facilitate the dissemination and publication of ideas prior to final results. In order to facilitate communication across subjects and disciplines the BAF has adopted an epistemological approach. This means that the talks are organised into panels based on some of the greater conceptual or methodological issues they touch upon.

The proceedings of BAF-O 2016 through BAF-2019 have all been published and are available online.